Furlough 2014 by Matias Jr.

We have finally arrived in Michigan to begin two months of furlough. Although I have heard them lament over ” leaving the work”, I am thankful that my parents have two months to rest a little and be refreshed physically and spiritually. Similarly, I have mixed feelings coming back “home”. I guess all missionaries feel the same. Leaving the mission field is tough on the one hand because you hate leaving the people whom you have come to love. I think of the elders, the families and their teens. My fear is that some will not continue walking forward with the Lord. On the other hand, I’m excited to see family and friends as well as enjoying Bob Evan’s breakfast. I take encouragement from the fact that the Lord has provided two young men to serve in Toronjal while I’m gone. Please pray for brother’s Nelson and Daniel. These two fellows have come alongside my dad and I just a few months ago. Daniel came under my dad for discipleship and I discipled Nelson. Soon after, Nelson began serving with me at Toronjal. Both these men attended the Bible Training conferences with Pastor Rod Phillips and continued learning how to exposit the Word in our Bible Institute. Both are excited and thankful for the opportunity to preach and teach. 

As we are preparing to serve here in the States I wish to thank all of you who pray for us and show your love to us in many ways. We are committed to having the Lord work His will through us wherever He leads.

Matias & Mery July 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Paul, the missionary, in 2 Corinthians 7:6-7 says that God comforts those that are cast down, but he also says that God’s servants are comforted by a deep and loving relationship amongst God’s people.

We have recently experienced that type of relationship by two teams that came to visit us. Pastor Todd Vanaman came with a team of eleven from Michigan. They ministered at some of our churches through the preaching of God’s Word, testimonies and special music. The rain and the mud didn’t allow them to speak at some other churches or do any manual labor, but we were mutually encouraged in the Lord’s work.

IMG_0619Then, we also had the visit of pastor Rod Phillips with a team of seven from California. They came to partner with us in the training of faithful men and women for the Lord’s work, so that men can carefully handle God’s Word in preaching and teaching and that women like wise would be faithful in their ministry to other ladies and children. The bible seminar was held both at Santa Cruz and at Samaipata. At the mountain village of Samaipata we experienced six earthquakes, the strongest being of 4.5. Then, as we traveled back to Santa Cruz on the mountain road we encountered several mud and rock slides. Praise God we had one another to be encouraged in the midst of danger and fear.

IMG_0615The testimonies of those that attended the bible seminar were also encouraging. Ricardo Justiniano that traveled five hours by bus said “I am truly amazed at how rich and relevant is God’s Word. I will bring other men to the seminar next year”. IMG_0609Fredy traveled for two days from Oruro. He didn’t have money for the bus fare, but we encouraged him by providing what he lacked. He said: “Thank you for making it possible for me to attend the training”. AIMG_0153riel Ramirez, Gustavo and Neldi traveled 9 hours from Cochabamba. They didn’t cease to glorify God and express their gratitude for the opportunity of learning the importance of carefully and prayerfully study God’s Word.

On August eleven, Mery, I and my son Matias jr. are traveling to the USA for a short furlough. Mery and I are returning to Bolivia the second week in November and Matias jr. will return the end of January. We would love an opportunity to visit your church to give a report and to share with you our burden for God’s work in Bolivia. If you have an opening in your church calendar, please let us know. You may contact us via email or through Mrs. Hannah Brooks’ home phone number: (734) 287-5465

Thank you again for your partnership with us in doing the Lord’s work in Bolivia. We are looking forward to hear from you.

In Christ,

Matias, Mery and Sons  


World Cup

The cold, rainy weather was perfect for some hot Chili, nacho chips and Guarana as the family bundled up in the living room to watch the second semifinal match between Argentina and Holland. Surprisingly, Argentina came out winners from penalties after 120 minutes of mostly uneventful, chess-like playing from both sides. I thought Holland would come through as they looked the better team during their previous performances. A 3rd place match between Brazil and Argentina seemed attractive enough to wish for a different outcome than tonight’s. But, since this World Cup seems to be turning into the weirdest or craziest World Cup in history, perhaps the lesser team has a chance of becoming new World Champions this coming Sunday. To consider, if Argentina wins it all in their eternal rival’s home stage Brazil’s mourning will turn even more bitter.

Visit From Gateway Bible Church – Test

Dear Church Family,

Our time here has been extremely special.  Our conference went well.  Our times in the churches on Sunday have been fruitful, and we have been fed to our ears with good food.

IMG_0365One blessing, however, that I want to point out is how God is using David Reinagel.  He is like a machine going everywhere, checking light fixtures, dryers, music boxes used in the mission churches, and the occasional other thing that is out of my vocabulary.

He came and said, “I just want to be used in whatever way I can.”  And — praise God — he is being used and the people here are very appreciative.

I just wanted you to know how much of a blessing he has been to all.

God bless … We will be gone for five days in the mountains, where there is no Internet.