About Matias and Mery

Matias was born in the rural mountain village of Samaipata, Bolivia. He lost his mother at 2 years of age and lived with his father until he ran away from home at 9 years of age. Wandering around from place to place, working odd jobs in return for a place to stay and food to eat, he came across the Brook’s missionary family.There he found food, shelter and friendship but after an invitation to go to church one day, he found Jesus. Soon after, he became part of the Brooks family as their adoptive son. God called him to ministry and blessed him with the opportunity to receive his Bible training from Bob Jones University in 1982. Today, Matias and his family are serving the Lord as missionaries in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Mery is one of 8 brothers and sisters from the town of Valle Abajo, Bolivia. Her small rural town had the blessing of being close to Samaipata, from which the Brooks missionaries ministered to her town as well. Mery heard the gospel as a child and it wasn’t long until she too came to know the Lord as her Saviour. Mery met Matias on one of those ministry trips that the Brooks family took to her town and eventually their families grew close. After highschool, Mery, moved to the city of Santa Cruz to pursue a nursing career. When Matias came back from Bob Jones University, they were reacquainted and fell in love. They married in 1984 and have been serving the Lord in Bolivia ever since.

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